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Logging model outputs to logs?

posted in   AI Singapore Trusted Media Challenge

2021-12-07 02:24


  • litl reply pchankh

    2021-12-18 02:43
    The comment has been deleted by author.


2021-12-17 00:18
<p>Thanks for the competition. We hope that the organizers will have a thorough review through the team log activities in order to ensure a fair competition. Hope that the teams are not probing, reusing printed out predictions scores, features, outcomes and including them in their subsequent predictions. Their outcome of AUC >0.98 is respectable. Training on external commercial datasets are also not allowed which we have not done so. Once again, appreciate the effort in hosting this tournament. Thank you. Dr Chan</p>
  • dangkhoadl reply aisg_billong

    2021-12-07 10:28
    <p>Noted, Thanks for the reminder. My team will not log the model output scores </p>
  • lvxiaoxin reply aisg_billong

    2021-12-07 06:39
    The comment has been deleted by author.
  • pchankh reply aisg_billong

    2021-12-07 06:15
    <p>Thanks for the guidance. Our team will not log any prediction results. At the same time, we would like to contest this behaviour of prediction and model logging for any team as it allows for leaderboard probing. We hope the organizers are keeping all the logs to be vetted at the end of the tournament to be fair to all team. Thank you. Dr Chan</p>



2021-12-07 05:15
<p>Dear Team fizzbuzz,</p> <p>Please be reminded that logging is only meant to help participants identify errors.</p> <p>If participants are unsure whether the information to be logged would give them an unfair advantage, we would recommend against logging that information to avoid any risks.</p> <p>Thank you.</p>

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