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Upload and pending issue

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2021-11-08 04:10


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    aisg_billong reply bhavinjawade

    2021-11-09 01:47
    <p>Hi BRANDS, as mentioned above, the issue was due to the large number of submissions during weekends which was not unique to your team. We have increased the number of servers to handle the traffic, but would still suggest for teams to make submissions earlier in the week, to avoid the weekend peak and similar issues. We kindly seek your understanding that we would not be able to provide any extra submission attempts. Thank you.</p>
  • bhavinjawade reply Yicheng Z.

    2021-11-08 20:34
    <p>Thanks for your reply!</p> <p>For the first question: Now that our submission has been in pending state for last 12 hours, can you please mark it as invalid, and let us resubmit.</p> <p>For the second question: Our submission was marked invalid on the next week, and that is the reason we couldn’t resubmit on the same week. If our submission would have been marked invald in the same week, we could have resubmitted immediately. I believe the problems with the website are big reason for this, and hence it is justified to provide us with an extra attempt for that submission.</p> <p>Thanks and Regards.</p>


Yicheng Z.

2021-11-08 11:48
<p>Hi BRANDS,</p> <p>We have found a tendency that there’s usually a large amount of submissions uploaded during the weekend. We have put up more server now to handle the traffic, but I would suggest that try to avoid the weekend peek if possible. As is can give you buffer to react to whatever issue may have happened. </p> <p>For the second question, we do have a mechanism which will “mark” those unfinished upload as invlid, so that submission does not take account in total submission number. But that submission does not add up to the next week. So if you resubmit in same week, that’s fine. But if you did not use it, it doesn’t mean that you can submit 3 times on next week.</p> <p>Kindly regards</p>

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