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how many submissions this week ?

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2021-11-15 00:08



2021-11-15 02:47
<p>Clarified, Thanks </p>



2021-11-15 02:28
<p>Teams in phase 1 are given 2 submissions on Monday, 15 Nov. Please submit as early as possible to buffer for a longer queuing time since only submissions that completed processing before 15 Nov, 2359 would be considered in determining the top 20 teams. The top 20 teams who move on to phase 2, are given 3 weekly submissions (starting from Tuesday, 16 Nov) and the submission count would reset on every Monday. In other words, for the week of 15 Nov to 21 Nov, teams can submit twice on 15 Nov and another 3 times from 16-21 Nov if they move on to phase 2.</p> <p>In the transition to phase 2, please note that we would not be automatically scoring the phase 1 models on the phase 2 test set and would require the phase 2 teams to submit them (counts towards the submission limit).</p>

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