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Next steps

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2021-12-17 05:10


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    aisg_billong reply pchankh

    2022-01-17 02:22
    <p>Hi, we have responded to a similar post on this thread:<br><a href=""></a></p> <p>Thank you.</p>
  • pchankh reply aisg_billong

    2022-01-16 05:26
    <p>Dear organizers,</p> <p>We also understand that there are unfair practices of printing out prediction model and syncnet scores for each test samples from Phase 1 to Phase 2. We seek your fair assessment of such acts of probing as they can have unfair advantages of tuning their models offline on this. Our team has highlighted this earlier to the organizers early in the competition. It is important to review these unfair means properly as it will erode the confidence of AI competition in Singapore going forward. We like to request a conversation with the organizers on above matter asap. Best regards, Dr Chan</p>
  • petergro reply Will

    2021-12-17 17:22
    <p>This is also how I understood it</p>
  • xie reply Will

    2021-12-17 13:31
    <p>Yes, it also confused us as 1) we did not notice it before and we do not know whether the news is noticed by all teams, 2) it only metioned phase 1 but not phase 2 and 3) it is contradictory with the rule about the entry deadline on the official website.</p>



2021-12-17 08:50
<p>Hi,</p> <p>We will be in direct contact with the top 3 teams after we have verified the results.</p> <p>Thank you.</p>


2021-12-17 06:35
<p>Would like to follow up on this issue too, as according to challenge host previous in Phase 1, </p> <p>“Please submit as early as possible to buffer for a longer queuing time since only submissions that completed processing before 15 Nov, 2359 would be considered in determining the top 20 teams”</p> <p>Should we follow the same rule in Phase 2 as well? </p>

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